Laura Sophia Becker

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June/July 2022
finally ran away with the circus and hereby fulfilled my childhood dream.
Very honoured to be playing the circus director Paula Busch in a story based on her life ‘Aufleuchten’.
One month tour in Southern Germany and Berlin
April 2022
I got funding to write a play!
‘HOME’, a very personal project that has been on my mind for a while, is coming to life on paper. Thank you Fonds DaKu!
January/February/March 2022
Back at Theater Keller62 for the beautiful chamber play ‘One hour of love’ written by Josef Topol.
January 2021
Artist residency between the breathtaking jungle and the atlantic ocean in Brazil!
What an honour to be here:
About Me

Laura Sophia Becker is an actress/dancer. She studied at Drama Centre London and works throughout the industry in Switzerland, Germany and the UK, currently living in Berlin.

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